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Are you a past client who has worked with me and seen the magic that can happen with a camera in-hand? Perhaps you know someone who has a love for photography but needs some guidance to improve their skills? Look no further! I am excited to offer my services as a consultant or teacher for all of your photography needs.

As a professional photographer, I have spent years honing my craft and perfecting my eye for the perfect shot. Whether it's capturing a special moment, a stunning landscape, or showcasing a product for business purposes, my expertise shines through in every photograph. But my skills don't just stop there. I am also highly experienced in editing, post-processing, and creating breathtaking prints.

As your personal consultant, I can work with you to create a vision for your photography needs. Whether it's helping you choose the perfect camera, selecting the best lighting for your shoot, or offering advice on the ideal backgrounds and settings, I am here to make sure that every photograph you take is a masterpiece.

For those interested in learning the art of photography, I also offer customized teaching sessions that cater to individual needs and skill levels. From beginners to advanced photographers, I can help you master the techniques and tricks that I've developed throughout my career. These skills can be used to capture priceless family moments or to elevate your business's marketing materials.

So whether you're a past client who wants to continue working with me, or you know someone who is looking to improve their photography skills, I am here to help transform your vision into stunning photographs. Contact me today to learn more about my consulting and teaching services.

Send me a message, shoot me a text or give me a call. 804-370-1240


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